Bruno Mars Is Not Owed Millions Of Dollars By The Hospitality Giant MGM Resorts

Bruno Mars $50 million debt

Bruno Mars is not owed millions of dollars by the hospitality giant MGM Resorts, according to their debunked claims. Following NewsNation’s story last week, which claimed that Bruno Mars had over $50 million in gambling debt at MGM, the company has responded.

A source claims that a significant amount of the debt is being paid off from the singer’s Park MGM residency in Las Vegas. NewsNation quoted an anonymous source named “Vegas Insider,” who stated that they had information about Mars’ alleged massive debts from gambling.

This sounds like a juicy tale, if it’s true. You can consequently kind of discover why hundreds of publications, including Yahoo, The Source, Complex, and many more, reverberated the title, “Bruno Mars has $50 million gambling debt.”

MGM Resorts International published a statement saying, “We are proud of our relationship with Bruno Mars, who is one of the most exciting and dynamic performers in the world.” The strong collaboration between MGM and Bruno is based on respect for one another. The rest of the speculation is wholly untrue; he owes MGM nothing. We can’t wait to work together to continue providing our visitors with amazing experiences.”

From his performances at Park MGM’s Dolby Live to the recently opened Pinky Ring club at Bellagio, Bruno’s style of entertainment draws guests from all over the world.

For over nine years, Bruno Mars has been the resident performer at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. He signed a contract with the casino in 2016, and as of late, he has reserved 12 events for 2024.

For a performer with Mars’s level of celebrity to remain booked for a Vegas residency for such a long time, one may presume that the Mars/MGM alliance has endured for such a long time because it is a very profitable and mutually beneficial one.

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